Birth Doula Services

Complimentary Consultation

  • This is where we meet each other and get to know one another.  We can learn what your desires are for your birth and we would go over what we offer and the contract. 

Three Prenatal Visits       

  • First Prenatal - This visit is completed approximately six to eight weeks before your estimated due date.  During this visit, we will review your birth preferences, expectations, and concerns. We will discuss what to expect during labour, at home, at the hospital, or your home birth.  We will also offer resources, such as our lending library, online websites, and community resources.  This is also a time to answer any questions you may have. 
  • Second and Third Prenatal Workshops - Group Setting
    Location: ASAC Teaching space, 7219 - 106 Street. Two dates per month are set for the group prenatal workshops. You choose what class times would best suit you and your schedule.  - Practical Handouts 
    - Discuss and practice comfort measures and pain coping strategies
    - Breastfeeding information and strategies.    -Babywearing  - Answer any questions you may have                           

Continuous Support through Labour and Delivery

  • Our role as doulas is to help you through your labour when we as women wonder if we can actually do this. The good news is - YES you can! We are there to encourage and support you all the way, and to support the dad as well -- offer him suggestions for helping, alleviate his fears or answer any questions he has during the birth process.   We will also be there to support you physically as your body goes through the changes it needs to birth your baby. 

After Birth Visit

  • Here we would come to visit you at home to see how you and baby are doing, and to offer information on a smooth recovery.  We can talk about how you viewed your birth experience and to answer any questions you have.  Give you our birth notes from your labour. Assist with Breastfeeding and Safe feeding.